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Request Builders 

Request builder is a separate class used to build a specific part of a search request to Elasticsearch based on source Query object. Request builder must implement the \Oro\Bundle\ElasticSearchBundle\RequestBuilder\RequestBuilderInterface interface. According to this interface, the builder receives Query object and the existing request array. The builder returns modified request array.

There are four default request builders.


Class: Oro\Bundle\ElasticSearchBundle\RequestBuilder\FromRequestBuilder

Builder gets the from part of a query and converts any specific entities into the required indexes. See index types for more information.


Class: Oro\Bundle\ElasticSearchBundle\RequestBuilder\WhereRequestBuilder

Builder iterates through all conditions in the where part of the query and passes them to the chain of part builders that are used to process specific condition operators.

  • ContainsWherePartBuilder - processes ~ (contains) and !~ (not contains) operators. Adds match query for “all_text” field with nGram tokenizer or wildcard query for regular fields.

  • EqualsWherePartBuilder - processes = (equals) and != (not equals) operators. Adds a term query.

  • RangeWherePartBuilder - processes arithmetical operators applied to numeric values: > (greater), >= (greater or equals), < (lower) and <= (lower or equals ). Adds appropriate range query.

  • InWherePartBuilder - processes in and !in operators. Converts the set into several = or != conditions that uses term query.

Each part builder receives field name, field type, condition operator, value, boolean keyword and source request and returns the altered request.


Class: Oro\Bundle\ElasticSearchBundle\RequestBuilder\OrderRequestBuilder

Builder gets the order-by field and the order direction from the query. If they are defined, builder converts them to the sort parameter of a search request. The result is sorted by relevance by default.


Class: Oro\Bundle\ElasticSearchBundle\RequestBuilder\LimitRequestBuilder

Builder gets first result and max results values from the query and if they are defined they are converted into the from/size pagination parameters of a search request.


Class: Oro\Bundle\ElasticSearchBundle\RequestBuilder\AggregateBuilder

Builder gets collection of aggregating function and field name from the query. If they are defined they are converted into the aggregations parameters of a search request. Built structure of aggregations parameters will have bucket type of aggregations, where each bucket is associated with a field name and a document criterion.