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Configure Google Single Sign-On in the Back-Office

Oro application supports Google Single Sign-On. This means that for a user that has the same primary email in the Oro application and Google accounts, it is enough to log in only once during a session.

Google Side

Create Project

To configure single sign-on on the Google side:

  1. Open Google API Console.

  2. Navigate to My Project selector in the top left corner and click Create Project.

    Create a project in the Google API console
  3. Define the Project Name and click Create.

    A new project page

Create Credentials

  1. Click Credentials in the menu on the left and open the Credentials tab.

    The Credentials tab details
  2. Click Create Credentials and select 0Auth client ID.

    A list of available credential options
  3. To create an OAuth client ID, first set a product name on the consent screen.

Oro Application Side

Configure Google Single Sign-On

To configure the integration with Google Single Sign-On in your OroCRM or OroCommerce application:

  1. Navigate to System > Configuration > Integrations > Google Settings in the main menu.

  2. Make sure that the information in the Google Integration Settings and OAuth 2.0 for Gmail emails sync is filled as described in the Configure Google Integration Settings topic.

  3. Define the following fields for Google Sign-on:

    • Enable — Check Enable to activate Google Single Sign-on.

    • Domains — Domains is a comma separated list of allowed domains. It limits the list of mailboxes for which single sign-on can be used (e.g., only a domain used specifically by your company). Leave the field empty to set no such limitation

Global Google integration settings

Log in with Google

When a user opens the login page of the instance with the enabled single sign-on capability, the Login Using Google link is displayed.

The login page with the link to log in via google

If the user is not logged into their Google account, then clicking the button triggers opening a usual Google login page.

As soon as the user logs into their Google account, they need to accept the policy of using the application.

As soon as the user has logged into their Google account, a request to use the account in order to login to the Oro application is displayed (details defined for the consent screen is used).

Google account page

Now, a Google-registered user can click the Login using Google button to enter the Oro application.


Note that the email used for the Google account and the primary email of the user in the Oro application must be the same.

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