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Edit Records 

You can edit records in your application in three ways:

  1. By using inline editing in record tables.

    Illustration of the inline editing in record tables
  2. By clicking Edit in the ellipsis (or more options) menu located at the end of the row of the selected record in the table.

  3. By opening the page of the selected record and clicking Edit.

Edit Records Using Inline Editing 

Inline editing enables you to edit record field values directly from record tables. Inline editing is available only for a limited set of fields, and this set differs for different records and is not configurable.

To edit a record using inline-editing:

  1. Point to the value you want to edit in the record table. If the Edit Inline icon appears next to it, you can edit this value in the table column.

  2. Click the Edit Inline icon.

    Alternatively, double-click on the value itself.

  3. Modify the value as required.

    Inline editors can be of different types. The simplest inline editor is a plain text field where you can type the required value.

    An example of the plain text field type of inline editors

    If a field can take only specific values, the inline editor will show you a list of values to select from.

    An example of a list values editor type
  4. Click the Save Changes icon to save a new value, or the Discard Changes icon to return to the old value.

Manage Records Using Ellipsis Menu 

The Ellipsis menu (or the more options menu) is located on the page of all records and is available for each item in the table. To see the actions available for the selected record, click the ellipsis menu at the end of its row. You may be able to view, edit, delete records, or perform other record-specific actions, such as activating or deactivating a process.

Illustration of the ellipsis menu