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Configure System Calendars in the Back-Office 

In your Oro application, you can add calendars with tasks and events related to a specific user, other users in the system (subject to the roles and permissions defined), as well as events defined for the whole organization or system.

Events in the system and organization calendars can be viewed by all the users within the system/organization. The ability to create, edit, and delete events depends on the user’s roles and capabilities.


See a short demo on how to create and manage calendars or keep reading the step-by-step guidance below.

Create System and Organization Calendars 

You can create as many calendars as you need under the System menu in your Oro application.

To create a system or an organization calendar:

  1. Navigate to System > System Calendars in the main menu.

  2. Click Create System Calendar.

  3. In the creation page, define the following fields:

    • Calendar Name — This is the only mandatory field. Defines the name used to refer to the calendar in the system.

    • Color — Choose the color used to highlight events in the calendar by default.

    • Scope — Define if this is a system or organization calendar (meaningful for the Enterprise edition only).

  4. Click Save.

Add Events to a System Calendar 

You can add event to system calendars in two ways:

You can find detailed information on adding calendar events to user calendars in the Calendar Events topic.

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