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Product Recommendations 

OroCommerce understands the importance of providing personalized and relevant product suggestions to customers, which is why it offers sellers the ability to enhance the shopping experience and increase sales through the use of product recommendations. There are:

  • similar products

  • related products

  • up-sell products

  • featured products

By leveraging these product recommendation features, OroCommerce empowers sellers to curate a personalized shopping experience that engages customers and drives conversions. Through targeted suggestions and strategic promotions, sellers can increase customer satisfaction, boost sales, and foster long-term loyalty.

Similar Products 


Similar Products are available for the OroCommerce Enterprise edition if Elasticsearch is used as the search engine.

The Similar Products feature is designed to assist sellers in showcasing products on the product view page that are similar or complementary to the one currently being viewed by a customer. Based on the information stored in the search index, OroCommerce intelligently identifies and displays similar products, encouraging customers to explore additional options that align with their interests.

You can enable and configure the Similar Products feature in the system configuration globally, per organization, and per website. For example, you can enable buyers to add a similar product to the shopping list directly from the product view page where the recommendation appears or toggle the minimum and maximum number of products displayed on the page.

Illustration of similar product recommendations in the back-office and storefront

Up-Sell Products 

This feature allows sellers to leverage customers’ buying intent by suggesting higher-priced or upgraded alternatives to the product they are currently viewing on the product view page. By strategically showcasing products that offer additional features, improved quality, or enhanced functionality, sellers can encourage customers to consider upgrading their purchase, ultimately increasing the average order value and maximizing revenue.

The Up-sell feature enables sellers to tap into the customer’s desire for a better product or an elevated shopping experience. By presenting a more premium option, sellers can cater to varying customer needs and preferences while simultaneously boosting their sales performance.

You can enable and configure the up-sell product feature options globally, per organization, and per website.

Illustration of the related and up-sell products segments in the storefront