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Configure Global Special Pages (All Products) Settings 


This section is part of the Product Management topic that provides a general understanding of the product concept in OroCommerce.

In your Oro back-office, you can enable and configure the All Products page for the OroCommerce storefront. When configured, such page should display all available products from the master catalog grouped by categories.

The All Products page on the OroCommerce storefront


To configure the All Products page:

  1. Enable All Products Page in system configuration on the required level — globally (see below) or per website.

  2. Add it to the storefront as part of either your web catalog (Marketing > Web Catalog) or frontend menu (System > Frontend Menus) on the required level:

  3. Check the example of adding the All Products page for your reference.


Please note that it is recommended to enable the All Products page exclusively for small catalogs with no more than a few hundred products, otherwise browser performance might be affected.

Enable All Products Page Globally 

  1. Navigate to System > Configuration in the main menu.

  2. Select Commerce > Catalog > Special Pages in the panel to the left.

    All Products global configuration settings
  3. In the All Products section, select the Enable All Products Page checkbox.

  4. Click Save Settings on the top right of the page.