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Access Entities Configuration 

Now that you know how to define additional configuration options and use them in your own entities, you will usually want to access the configured values. The main entry point to access the configuration is the provider service for the particular scope, which has to be retrieved from the service container. For example, if you want to work with your newly created auditable option, you will have to use the oro_entity_config.provider.acme_demo service (the auditable option was defined in the acme_demo scope):

/** @var Symfony\Component\DependencyInjection\ContainerInterface $container */
$container = ...;
$acmeDemoProvider = $container->get('oro_entity_config.provider.acme_demo');

Then you need to fetch the configuration in this scope for a particular entity or entity field using the Oro\Bundle\EntityConfigBundle\Provider\ConfigProvider::getConfig method. The configuration for such a configurable object (an entity or a field) is represented by an instance of the Oro\Bundle\EntityConfigBundle\Config\ConfigInterface:


Returns the actually configured value for an option.


Changes the value of an option to a new value.


Removes the particular option.


Checks whether or not an option with the given name exists.


Checks if the value of an option equals the given value.


Checks if the value of an option is one of the given values.


Returns all parameters for the configurable object.


Replaces values for the given options with some given values.

Please note that it is not enough to modify configuration values in the provider. You also need to force your changes by calling the Oro\Bundle\EntityConfigBundle\Provider\ConfigProvider::flush method afterwards:

// ...
$acmeDemoProvider = $container->get('oro_entity_config.provider.acme_demo');
$acmeConfig = $acmeDemoProvider->getConfig('Acme\Bundle\DemoBundle\Entity\Document');
$acmeConfig->set('comment', 'Updated comment');


Use the oro:entity-config:debug command to display entity configuration and access or modify configuration values from the command line.