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Organization Types 


The organization types feature is only available in the Enterprise edition.

An organization type represents a set of predefined restrictions and limitations provided by a developer. A user can assign an organization type to any non global organization.

To add an organization type:

  1. Create a Resources/config/oro/organization_types.yml file in any bundle.

  2. Add a configuration of the organization type to this file, e.g.:

            label: oro.organization_type.acme.label
            description: oro.organization_type.acme.description
  3. Add translations for the organization type name and description to Resources/translations/messages.en.yml, e.g.:

                label: Acme
                description: The organization type for ...
  4. Rebuild the application cache via the php bin/console cache:clear command.

  5. To make sure that you added a new organization type successfully, run the php bin/console oro:organization-type:config:debug command.

  6. Make sure that the new organization type is available on the Organization edit page in the back-office.

The complete configuration options available in the Resources/config/oro/organization_types.yml files are:


    # Prototype

        # The name of an organization type.
        label:                ~ # Required

        # The description of an organization type.
        description:          ~ # Required

        # The strategy for how to handle the features.
        strategy:             exclude_list # One of "exclude_list"; "include_list"

        # The names of features that are enabled for an organization type.
        enabled_features:     []

        # The names of features that are disabled for an organization type.
        disabled_features:    []

You can also see this information by running the php bin/console oro:organization-type:config:dump-reference command.

There are two strategies to handle features, exclude_list and include_list. The exclude_list strategy is used by default, granting access to all features not specified in the lists of enabled and disabled features. The include_list strategy denies access to all features not specified in the lists of enabled and disabled features.