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Category Menu Items 

Category Menu Item is a menu item with the target type Category. Such menu items are processed by the menu builder Oro\Bundle\CommerceMenuBundle\Builder\CategoryTreeBuilder which is responsible for the following:

  1. Ensures that the category visibility settings are satisfied by getting categories data from the Oro\Bundle\CatalogBundle\Menu\MenuCategoriesCachingProvider provider.

  2. Sets the menu item URI (and label if not set) according to the title of the underlying category.

  3. Adds children menu items mimicking the category children tree as per the Oro\Bundle\CommerceMenuBundle\Entity\MenuUpdate::$maxTraverseLevel field. Such menu items are treated as system menu items and marked with an extra option Oro\Bundle\CommerceMenuBundle\Builder\CategoryTreeBuilder::IS_TREE_ITEM denoting the menu item as a tree item that was added automatically.


Category Menu Item always has an extra option Oro\Bundle\CommerceMenuBundle\Entity\MenuUpdate::TARGET_CATEOGRY that contains the underlying category. It also has an extra option Oro\Bundle\CommerceMenuBundle\Builder\CategoryTreeBuilder::CATEGORY_DATA containing data used to populate menu item URI, label, and children.