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Console Commands 


See the Search Index documentation to get a more high-level understanding of the search index concept in the Oro application.

OroSearchBundle provides several console commands to interact with the search index.


This command updates the search index for specified entities. The command requires two arguments - a class name (short notation or FQCN) and a list of identifiers (at least one is required). The corresponding search index data will be updated if the specified entity exists. If it does not, index data will be removed. This command is used for queued indexation.

Single entity indexation:

php bin/console oro:search:index AcmeDemoBundle:Question 1
Started index update for entities.

Multiple entities indexation:

php bin/console oro:search:index "Acme\Bundle\DemoBundle\Entity\Question" 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Started index update for entities.


This command performs full reindexation of all entities. It has one optional argument that allows reindexing only the entities of the specified type.

Reindexation can take a lot of time for a significant amount of data, so running it by schedule (e.g., once a day) is recommended.

Reindexation of all entities:

php bin/console oro:search:reindex
Started reindex task for all mapped entities

Reindexation of one entity:

php bin/console oro:search:reindex AcmeDemoBundle:Question
Started reindex task for "AcmeDemoBundle:Question" entity

oro:search:reindex –scheduled 

Reindexation can also be scheduled to be performed in the background by the Message Queue consumers (asynchronous reindexation).

Advantages of the scheduled mode are:

  • asynchronous

  • can be multithreaded

  • scalable

You will need a configured Message Queue and at least one running consumer worker to use this mode.

Please use the following parameter to enable it:

php bin/console oro:search:reindex --scheduled

You can limit the reindexation to a specific entity with the --class option. Both the FQCN (Acme\Bundle\DemoBundle\Entity\Question) and short (AcmeDemoBundle:Question) class names are accepted:

php bin/console oro:search:reindex --class=<entity>