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Frontend Access 

Close Website for Non-Authenticated Visitors 

In order to prevent non-registered customers from accessing the storefront, you can disable website access for these users.

To change access, navigate to Configuration > Commerce > Guests > Website Access and set the Enable Guest Access option.

When access is disabled, all non-authenticated visitors are redirected to the login page. Oro\Bundle\FrontendBundle\EventListener\GuestAccessRequestListener creates a redirect response; to get a better understanding of how it makes works, take a look at the description inside the class.

A few system URLs are still available, even if access for non-authenticated visitors is restricted. A list of patterns of those URLs can be found in Oro\Bundle\FrontendBundle\GuestAccess\Provider\GuestAccessAllowedUrlsProvider.

To add a pattern to the list of allowed URL patterns, call addAllowedUrlPattern of the oro_frontend.guest_access.provider.guest_access_urls_provider service or create your own provider which should implement Oro\Bundle\FrontendBundle\GuestAccess\Provider\GuestAccessAllowedUrlsProviderInterface, and register it in the DI container with the tag oro_frontend.guest_access_urls_provider.

    class: Acme\Bundle\DemoBundle\GuestAccess\Provider\MyGuestAccessAllowedUrlsProvider
    tags: ['oro_frontend.guest_access_urls_provider']

Frontend Datagrids 

The frontend option in the datagrid configuration controls the display of the back-office datagrids in the storefront. By default, it is suggested that all datagrids are intended to be used in the back-office. To allow a datagrid to be visible in the storefront, the frontend option should be set to true.

        frontend: true