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Available in OroCommerce

Customer User Login Attempts 


Starting from v5.0.7, the Login Attempts page is available under the global organization only, unless there are no organizations marked as global in the Oro application. To check which application version you are running, see the system information.

To simplify investigation of any security-related incidents, the administrator of a global organization can check the successful and unsuccessful login attempts of customer users.

The login info data is stored in the database and in the logs in the security log channel. The logs have the ID parameter used in the database to enable you to find a particular log item quickly.

The list of all customer user login attempts is available under Customers > Customer User Login Attempts in the main back-office menu.

Customer User Login Attempts

The administrator can also open this list directly from the customer user view page by clicking on the link with the date of the last login:

Link to Customer User Login Attempts on View Page

In this case, the data in datagrid will be filtered by this customer user:

Filtered Customer User Login Attempts

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