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Manage Opportunities in the Back-Office 

Opportunities are highly probable potential or actual sales to a new or established customer. Request for proposal, an invitation for bidding, agreement of intentions, or order for a delivery can be saved as opportunities. These universal sales tracking tools can be related to virtually any customer type.

Similar to leads, opportunities can be enabled or disabled subject to company roles or needs. Once enabled, they are added to Sales in the main menu.

In Oro applications, you can create opportunities from scratch or convert them from related entities, such as leads, customers, or accounts. You can also provide various details for opportunities. For instance, they can be assigned probabilities percentage for each status (e.g., needs analysis, solution development) tailored to the requirements of your business or given a budget amount in the currency specific to this particular opportunity. Moreover, a sales rep processing an opportunity can track the history of all deals of a particular customer from their opportunity page. This helps compare past and current opportunities and use this data to manage ongoing projects for each customer. Opportunities can also be viewed on a Kanban board and managed through multiple workflows.


See a short demo on how to create and work with opportunities, or keep reading the step-by-step guidance below.


Before working with opportunities, ensure they are enabled in the application. To learn how to do it, see the System topic.