You are browsing documentation for version 5.0 of OroCommerce, OroCRM, and OroPlatform, maintained until August 2024 and supported until March 2026. See version 5.1 (the latest LTS version) of the Oro documentation for information on latest features.

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Manage Dashboards in the Back-Office

The dashboard is a default page you see after you log in. It is an adjustable view that may contain different information blocks (widgets), such as today’s calendar, recent calls, emails, quick launchpad, etc. You can have several dashboards that serve different purposes and switch between them.

Create a Dashboard

To create a dashboard:

  1. Navigate to Dashboards > Manage Dashboards in the main menu.

  2. Click Create Dashboard.

  3. Provide the following details in the form:

    A form for creating a new dashboard
    • Label — The name used to refer to the dashboard in the system.
    • Clone from — Choose an existing dashboard to be used as a base for a new one. If you want to create a dashboard from scratch, choose the Blank Dashboard option.
    • Owner — Limits the list of users who can manage the dashboard to the users whose roles allow managing dashboards of the owner (e.g., the owner, members of the same business unit, head of the department, etc.)
  4. Click Save and Close on the top right.

Initially, the dashboard contains all the widgets of the dashboard it has been cloned from. Dashboards cloned from the Blank Dashboard are empty.

Switch Between Dashboards

You can switch to a different dashboard either by:

  • Clicking Dashboards in the main menu and selecting the dashboard you need.

    Switch to a dashboard by clicking the dashboard name
  • Toggling dashboards in the header of the dashboard page.

    Toggle dashboards

Add, Edit, and Delete a Dashboard

To edit, create or delete a dashboard, you can either:

  • Hover over the Tools and select the required action, or
  • Use the More Options menu from the Dashboards page under Dashboards > Manage Dashboards.