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Configure Task Flow in the Back-Office


The Task Flow workflow helps you proceed through phases of work on the task.

Available options depend on the current status of the task. The following table describes which options are available for each of the statuses and how the corresponding transitions change the task status.

Current Status Available Options New Status
Open Click Start Progress to start working on this task. In Progress
Click Close to close the task. Closed
In Progress Click Stop Progress to denote that you have stopped working on this task, but the task is not yet completed. (E.g., the description of what neds to be done for this task is to be readjusted.) Open
Click Close to close the task. Closed
Closed Click Reopen to actualize the task again. Open

For information on workflows, see the Workflow Management guide.

Follow the Workflow

From the Task View Page

The corresponding section on the task view pages contains the transition buttons.