Email Templates 

OroMultiWebsiteBundle extends the Email Templates feature with the ability to differentiate email templates by a website.

Implementation Overview 

OroMultiWebsiteBundle adds the one-to-one website field to \Oro\Bundle\EmailBundle\Entity\EmailTemplate entity class and updates its unique constraint to name, entityName, website_id columns. Field website is empty and disabled for system email templates to ensure there will always be an email template suitable for any website. A user can clone a system email template and specify a website to make a website-specific email template.

To prioritize website-specific email templates, use email template candidates provider \Oro\Bundle\MultiWebsiteBundle\EmailTemplateCandidates\LayoutThemeAwareEmailTemplateCandidatesProvider added to the chain in \Oro\Bundle\EmailBundle\EmailTemplateCandidates\EmailTemplateCandidatesProvider. It provides the email template candidates’ names with @db namespace and the current website ID in parameters, for example, @db:website=101/order_confirmation_email and @db/order_confirmation_email.