OroDPDBundle adds the DPD shipping service integration to Oro applications and helps admin users to enable and configure DPD shipping methods for invoices, quotes, and customer orders. The bundle also adds the operation button for admin users to the order view pages to provide order shipping data and send the package pick-up request to the DPD service.

The DPD shipping provides functionality to:

  • Implement the DPD Classic shipping method type.

  • Use flat-rate or table-rate shipping cost calculation.

  • CSV import/export for table-rates.

  • API based parcel pick-up day/time calculation and validation.

  • API based shipping address validation.

  • API based PDF label retrieval for orders.

Configuration data of Shipping Origin is used in the DPDBundle as the parcel pick-up address. This address is used to calculate the locale specific available pick-up days and is configured under System > Configuration > Commerce > Shipping > Shipping Origin in the back-office.

For more information, see the Configure DPD Shipping Integration in the Back-Office topic in the user guide.

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