System Calendars 

You can use system calendars to provide everyday events for all users, such as employees’ birthdays, company weekends, vacations, etc. These calendars can be made available in a single organization or shared across all organizations in the system. To manage system calendars, navigate to System > System Calendar in the main menu. As soon as you create a system calendar, it becomes visible for all users. The visibility of organization-wide calendars can be restricted by ACL against system-wide calendars, which are always visible.


By default, both organization and system-wide calendars are enabled, but you can disable any of them in the config.yml by adding the enabled_system_calendar option:

    enabled_system_calendar: false

The possible values of this option:

  • true - both organization and system-wide calendars are enabled

  • false - both organization and system-wide calendars are disabled

  • organization - only organization wide calendars are enabled

  • system - only system-wide calendars are enabled


The list of system calendars is stored in the oro_system_calendar table. The public field indicates whether a calendar is organization or system-wide. System-wide calendars are marked as public.

Both organization and system-wide calendars are implemented as calendar providers. For more implementation details, see the following the source code: