OroNoteBundle provides the ability for the application users to add notes on an entity record page and enable or disable this feature for every entity type in the entity management UI.

Enable Notes Using Migrations 

Notes could be enabled for the entity in the same way as for any other Activity entity. See following example:

namespace Oro\Bundle\AccountBundle\Migrations\Schema\v1_1;

use Doctrine\DBAL\Schema\Schema;
use Oro\Bundle\ActivityBundle\Migration\Extension\ActivityExtensionAwareInterface;
use Oro\Bundle\ActivityBundle\Migration\Extension\ActivityExtensionAwareTrait;
use Oro\Bundle\MigrationBundle\Migration\Migration;
use Oro\Bundle\MigrationBundle\Migration\QueryBag;

class OroAccountBundle implements Migration, ActivityExtensionAwareInterface
    use ActivityExtensionAwareTrait;

     * {@inheritDoc}
    public function up(Schema $schema, QueryBag $queries): void
        $this->activityExtension->addActivityAssociation($schema, 'oro_note', 'orocrm_account');

Creating a Note in Workflows and Actions (Operations) 

Class: Oro\Bundle\NoteBundle\Action\CreateNoteAction

Alias: create_note

Description: Creates an activity note with for the target entity


  • message - property path to message body

  • target_entity - property path where to instance of entity for adding note

  • attribute - (optional) target path where created Note entity will be saved

Configuration Example

- '@create_note':
    message: $.comment
    target_entity: $.entity
    attribute: $.result.note