InlineEditableViewComponent ⇐ BaseComponent

Allows to connect inline editors on view pages. Currently used only for tags-editor. See the index of supported editors.

Extends: BaseComponent


{% import '@OroUI/macros.html.twig' as UI %}
<div {{ UI.renderPageComponentAttributes({
   module: 'oroform/js/app/components/inline-editable-view-component',
   options: {
       frontend_type: 'tags',
       value: oro_tag_get_list(entity),
       fieldName: 'tags',
       metadata: {
           inline_editing: {
               enable: is_granted('oro_tag_assign_unassign'),
               save_api_accessor: {
                   route: 'oro_api_post_taggable',
                   http_method: 'POST',
                   default_route_parameters: {
                       entity: oro_class_name(entity, true),
               autocomplete_api_accessor: {
                   class: 'oroui/js/tools/search-api-accessor',
                   search_handler_name: 'tags',
                   label_field_name: 'name'
               editor: {
                   view_options: {
                       permissions: {
                           oro_tag_create: is_granted('oro_tag_create')
}) }}></div>
Param Type Description
options Object Options container
options._sourceElement Object The element to which the view should be connected (passed automatically when page component is connected through DOM attributes)
options.frontend_type string frontend type, please find available keys here
options.value * value to edit
options.fieldName string field name to use when sending value to server
options.metadata Object Editor metadata
options.metadata.inline_editing Object inline-editing configuration


Kind: instance class of InlineEditableViewComponent

new initialize (options)

Param Type
options Object


Resizes editor to base view width

Kind: instance method of the InlineEditableViewComponent