Product Actions

ActionBundle provides a way to bring complex solutions in ORO-based projects with reusable blocks of configuration which include Buttons, Operations and Actions Groups. You can read more about specific components in ActionBundle.

Product-Specific Components


Remove Restricted Products

Class: Oro\Bundle\ProductBundle\Action\RemoveRestrictedProducts

Alias: remove_restricted_products


Remove restricted (disabled, hidden, etc.) products from given source. Optionally also saves removed products in provided attribute


  • productHolderPath - array of values that implement ProductHolderInterface
  • attribute - attribute where removed products should be saved to; optional

Configuration Example

- '@remove_restricted_products':
    attribute: $.removedProducts
    productHolderPath: $.data.productLineItems


At Least One Available Products

Class: Oro\Bundle\ProductBundle\Action\Condition\AtLeastOneAvailableProduct

Alias: at_least_one_available_product

Description: This condition checks if there is at least one available product in provided source

Parameters: array of values that implement ProductHolderInterface

Configuration Example

        - '@at_least_one_available_product': $.data.productLineItems