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Available in OroCRM

Configure Global Dotdigital Settings

To enable data synchronization, make sure you configure Dotdigital integration on the Oro application side (see Dotdigital Integration) and on the Dotdigital side (see Dotdigital Configuration).

To configure Dotdigital synchronization settings:

  1. Navigate to System > Configuration in the main menu.

  2. In the panel to the left, click System Configuration > Integrations > dotdigital Settings.

    Global dotdigital settings
  3. To change the default settings, clear the Use Default option, and update the settings as required:

    Setting Description
    Enable Daily Force Synchronization of Mapped Data Fields Once a day, trigger the data fields check. All contacts from entity’s marketing lists will be automatically checked for updated fields and scheduled for sync with Dotdigital, if needed. The available options are None, For mappings with virtual fields only, For all mappings.
    Data Fields Sync Interval This interval is used to update data fields from Dotdigital. By default, the number is set to 1 day.
  1. Click Save Settings.

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