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API Developer Guide

This section describes the Web API development framework for the application data. It provides the ability to define API in the YAML configuration files regardless of standards or formats. Out-of-the-box, the framework opens REST API that conforms the JSON:API specification and enables CRUD operations support for the application ORM entities.

The Web API development framework is implemented by OroApiBundle and based on the following components:

FOSRestBundle and NelmioApiDocBundle are also used for REST API.


The main format for REST API is described at JSON:API. Please make sure that you are familiar with it before you start creating REST API for your entities.

The auto-generated documentation and sandbox for REST API is available at /api/doc, e.g.

By default, only custom entities, dictionaries, and enumerations are accessible through the back-office API. For how to make other entities available via the API, see Configuration Reference.