You are browsing the documentation for version 4.2 of OroCommerce, OroCRM and OroPlatform, which is no longer maintained. Security Support ends in January 2024. Read version 5.0 (the latest LTS version) of the Oro documentation to get the updated information.

See our Release Process documentation for more information on the currently supported and upcoming releases.

Configure Feature Depended Firewall Listeners

API can be enabled or disabled via system configuration. When the API is disabled, the API related security firewalls should not use some authorization listeners, for example WSSE and OAuth authorization should be disabled.

To be able to configure listeners for disabled API feature, the following configuration can be used:

        api_wsse_secured: # firewall name
            feature_name: web_api
            feature_firewall_listeners: # list of listeners that should be disabled when the feature specified in feature_name option is disabled
                - Oro\Bundle\WsseAuthenticationBundle\Security\Http\Firewall\WsseAuthenticationListener
            feature_name: web_api
                - Oro\Bundle\WsseAuthenticationBundle\Security\Http\Firewall\WsseAuthenticationListener
            feature_name: web_api