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Board Extension

Enable Board Appearance on a Grid

To add board appearance on a grid, do the following:

  • Go to the datagrid yml

  • Add the following lines into the datagrid configuration

        # <grid configuration> goes here
                {board-uid}: #unique board id
                    label: Board Label
                        property: option_set_field
                            priority: ASC
                    card_view: demobundle/js/app/views/board/your-entity-card-view


Board appearance uses save_api_accessor internally, so please check that at least one of the following options is configured properly:

  • save_api_accessor for column transition option (check documentation)

  • save_api_accessor for default transition (check default_transition configuration option below)

  • save_api_accessor for inline editing (check this article

Datagrid Configuration Details

  • label (Optional): A label to be shown in the appearance switcher.

  • icon (Optional): The icon class to be shown in the appearance switcher.

  • group_by (Required): Configuration array for column grouping property.

    property: status #required, enum property to be used for board columns
    order_by: #optional, used to define a property's field which should be used for columns sort order.
        priority: ASC
  • default_column (Optional): Specifies a column ID to show entities which do not have any value set for group_by property. By default, the first column will be used.

  • plugin (Optional): Specifies the plugin realization. Default orodatagrid/js/app/plugins/grid-component/board-appearance-plugin

  • board_vew (Optional): Specifies the view for kanban board. Default orodatagrid/js/app/views/board/board-view

  • card_view (Required): Specifies the view for kanban card.

  • column_header_view (Optional): Specifies the view for board column header. Default orodatagrid/js/app/views/board/column-header-view

  • column_view (Optional): Specifies the view for board column. Default orodatagrid/js/app/views/board/column-view

  • acl_resource (Optional): Enabled Acl resource checks whether board items transitions are allowed. If no permission is granted to a user, they see the board in read only mode.

  • processor (Optional): Specified the name of the board processor. default processor is used by default.

  • default_transition (Optional): Section to specify configuration for the transition, e.g. update property when cards are dragged and dropped from one column to another.

    class: #class to be used for transition
    params: #additional params to pass to transition
        key: value
    save_api_accessor: #Describes the way to send update request. Please see documentation for :ref:`oroui/js/tools/api-accessor <bundle-docs-platform-ui-bundle-apiaccessor>`.