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Available in OroCommerce

Import Coupons

Import File option helps import large bulk of coupon information into the coupons list using the .csv file.

Example of coupon bulk import template

Coupon Code


Uses per Coupon

Uses per Person

Valid From

Promotion Name

Owner Name







Owner Name

To import a bulk of coupons:

  1. In the main menu, navigate to Marketing > Promotions > Coupons. The coupons list opens.

  2. Click Import File on the top right.

  3. Prepare data for import: Create your bulk information in the .csv format. Once your file is ready, click Choose File, select the prepared comma-separated values (.csv) file, and click Import File.

    The steps that are necessary to perform to import the coupons successfully
  4. Validate import results: Click Validate to check your import results. If there are any Records with errors, fix them in the .csv file before starting the import.

  5. Launch import: After successful validation, click Import File.

  6. Click Cancel to decline the import.


Interactive status messages inform about the import progress, and once the import is complete, the changes are reflected in the list upon refresh. Additionally, an email message with the import status is delivered to your mailbox.