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Configure Contact Groups in the Back-Office

A contact group is a system entity that represents a group of contacts. By default, contact groups are used in filters and segments.

Create a Contact Group

In order to create a contact group:

  1. In the main menu, navigate System > Contact Groups.
  2. Click Create Contact Group.
  3. Define the general details and the list of contacts for the group:
    • Owner — Limits the list of users that can manage the contact group to the users whose roles allow managing contact groups of the owner (e.g., the owner, members of the same business unit, system administrator, etc.).
    • Label — The name used to refer to the contact group on the interface.
  4. Select / clear the HAS GROUP check box, to assign / unassign a contact to the contact group.


The HAS GROUP check box defines if the contact is assigned a specific contact group that you are creating / editing.

  1. Click Save and Close.

Now, you can edit or delete a contact group from the system by clicking the corresponding icon next to the required row in the grid.

The actions available to contact groups from the grid