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Available in OroCommerce

Customize Web Catalog Contents for Localization, Customer or Customer Group

To customize your web catalog contents visibility:

  1. Navigate to Marketing > Web Catalog in the main menu.

  2. For the necessary web catalog, hover over the more actions menu to the right and click to start editing the catalog content tree.

Click the Content Tree icon to start editing the catalog content tree
  1. In the Restriction section, define the visibility of the web catalog.

    By default, the web catalog is displayed for any localization, on any website, and for any customer.

    To make OroCommerce apply a web catalog to the storefront only for the particular combination of these facts, create a restriction by selecting all or some of the following: target localization, website, and customer or customer group.



Only one field must be chosen for customers at a time, either a customer group and a customer.


Never leave the restrictions for non-default variant empty. This may cause unexpected priority collision between the default and non-default variant.

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