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Export Records

You might need to export the necessary information and download it as a .csv file to reuse it in the third-party systems. You can export customer data (accounts, contacts, customers, customer users, business customers), sales data (leads, opportunities, prices in the price list, products), taxes (rates, rules), warehouse, and inventory information (inventory levels and statuses).

Another scenario for using export is when you plan bulk data update that is easily automated in the spreadsheet software (e.g., raise the price by 20%).

To export the necessary records (e.g., customer information) in a .csv format:

  1. In the main menu, navigate to menu item to export the list of the necessary data (e.g., Customers > Customers).

    The following screen opens.

  2. Click Export on the top right.

  3. Once export is complete, you will receive an email to download the .csv file.


Keep in mind that by clicking Export you download all records of the selected entity regardless of the filters applied to the grid. To export only the list of filtered records, use the Export Grid functionality where it is available.

Highlight the Export Grid button