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Mapping Rules Between Oro and Outlook

Specific values of the fields of OroCRM and Outlook records are mapped during synchronization of contacts, tasks, and events.

Contact Mapping Rules

The following rules represent the mapping strategy of the OroCRM contact record fields into the Outlook contact record fields.

OroCRM Field Outlook Field Note
First Name First Name If no First Name is defined in the Outlook record, the Last Name value is used for the both first name and last name in OroCRM.
Middle Name Middle Name
Last Name Last Name If no Last Name is defined in the Outlook record, the First Name value is used for both the first name and the last name in OroCRM.
Name Suffix Name Suffix
Description Notes
Email Email All the existing email addresses are mapped.
Phone Primary Phone Only the first OroCRM phone number is mapped.
Job Title Job Title
Birthday Birthday
Gender Gender
Fax Fax
Address of a Billing Type Business Address
Address of a Shipping Type Home Address
Address with no type defined Other Address

Task Mapping Rules

The following fields of an OroCRM task record are mapped into the following fields of an Outlook task record.

OroCRM Field Outlook Field
Subject Subject
Priority Priority
Due Date Due Date

OroCRM statuses are mapped into Outlook unchanged:

OroCRM Task Status Outlook Task Status
In progress In progress
Closed Closed
Open Open

The Outlook statuses that are not available in OroCRM are mapped as follows:

Outlook Task Status OroCRM Task Status
Not Started Open
Completed Closed
Waiting on someone else In progress
Deferred In Progress

Calendar Mapping Rules

The following fields of an OroCRM calendar event record are mapped to the following fields of an Outlook appointment.

OroCRM Field Outlook Field
Title Subject
Start Start time
End End time
All-Day Event All day event


Only a calendar assigned to the specified user is mapped, regardless of access settings.

Invitations, received by the user are sent to Outlook as regular calendar events.


Be aware that if you add a Google-based account to the existing MS Exchange account, your default calendar may change. This is important to remember when synchronizing events between Oro and Outlook.