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Available in OroCommerce

Frontend Menus

In this section, you will learn the menu types available for the OroCommerce storefront and how to edit and configure them.

Permissions Required to Customize Frontend Menus

The ability to configure menus globally, per organization, and for personal use is controlled by the two capabilities: Manage Menus and Access system configuration.

By default, only users with Admin role have these capabilities enabled and may customize menus on all configuration levels.

To enable a user to personalise menus for themselves and configure menus for each organization individually, include the Manage Menus capability into the user role.

To enable a user to configure menus globally, for all organizations, websites, and users whose configuration fall back to the global settings, both Manage Menus and Access system configuration capabilities should be enabled for the user role.

Learn more about frontend menus in the topics below.

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