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Available in OroCommerce

Configure Global Settings for Product Promotions

On the Product Promotions configuration page, you can enable New product icons and set up a New Arrivals block globally, per organization and per website.

A new arrivals flag vs a new arrivals segment


Before enabling the new product icons and new arrivals segment, make sure you have performed the following actions:

  1. Mark the selected products as new arrivals in the General section of the Products > Products main menu by setting Is New Arrival to Yes.

  2. Create a new arrivals segment under Reports & Segments > Manage Segments as described in the Create Segment topic.

Configure New Arrivals Globally

  1. In the main menu, navigate to System > Configuration.

  2. Select Commerce > Product > Promotions in the menu to the left.


    For faster navigation between the configuration menu sections, use Quick Search.

    Global new arrivals configuration
  3. In the New Product Icons, clear the Use Default check box and select Yes in the Show on Product View list to enable new product icons. To disable the icons, select No.

    A new product icon will look differently for various layout options:

    • For tiles:

    New product icon look for tiles
    • For details:

    New product icon look for details
    • For compact details:

    New product icon look for compact details
  1. In the New Arrivals section provide the following information:

    • Product Segment – Select the segment that will include the items to be featured in the New Arrivals block.


    If Choose Segment is selected, the New Arrivals block disappears from the homepage.

    • Maximum Items – Set the maximum number of items that the block should contain. By default, the number is set to 4 items.

    • Minimum Items – Set the minimum number of items that the block should contain. By default, the number is set to 3 items.


    The block will be hidden if the number of items in the segment used for the block is less than the set value. For instance, if the set minimum number is 3 and the number of items in the segment is 2, you will not be able to see the block unless you add more items to the segment, or change the minimum value.

    • Use Slider On Mobile check box – When the slider is enabled, the block occupies less screen space, while showing larger product images.


Clear the Use Default check box to change settings manually.