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Configure Global Google Settings


Read more on this topic in Google Integration.

To configure Google integration-related settings in the back-office:

  1. Navigate to System > Configuration in the main menu.

  2. In the panel to the left, click System Configuration > Integrations > Google Settings.

Global Google settings


These settings can be configured globally and per organization.

Google Integration Settings

Before you begin, check out the instructions on obtaining credentials the Google side. Make sure that your Oro domain is included into Authorized JavaScript origins and Authorized redirect URIs.

In the Google Integration Settings section, provide the following details:

  • Client ID — The Client ID generated in the API console.

  • Client Secret — The Client Secret generated in the API console.

  • Google API Key — The API Key generated in the API console. Provide a valid Google API key to activate maps for addresses in the system.

Google Sign-on

In the Google Sign-on section, provide the following details:

  • Enable — Check Enable to activate Google Single Sign-on.

  • Domains — Domains is a comma separated list of allowed domains. It limits the list of mailboxes for which single sign-on can be used (e.g., only a domain used specifically by your company). Leave the field empty to set no such limitation

Google Tag Manager Settings

In the Google Tag Manager Settings section, clear the Use Default check box and select a Google Tag Manager Integration from the list to configure it for the application and enable data mapping.

Google Tag Manager settings can be configured globally, per organization, and per website.

OAuth 2.0 for email sync

In the OAuth 2.0 for email sync section, check Enable to activate sync. Please, make sure that Gmail API is enabled in Google Developers Console.

Google Hangouts


Google has retired Google Hangouts and associated services, and this integration is no longer supported.

In the Google Hangouts section, provide the following details:

  • Enable For Emails — Check the box to enable Google Hangouts for emails.

  • Enable For Phones — Check the box to enable Google Hangouts for phones.

By default, Enable For Emails and Enable For Phones are enabled.