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Available in OroCommerce


You can select a shipping tax code that should be used for shipping total cost calculation and specify if the shipping cost already contains a tax.

To change the shipping tax configuration:

  1. Navigate to the system configuration (click System > Configuration in the main menu).

  2. Select Commerce > Taxation > Shipping in the menu to the left.


    For faster navigation between the configuration menu sections, use Quick Search.


    The following options are available on the page:

    • Tax Code - a tax identifier that in combination with tax rules defines the tax rate that is applied for the shipping tax calculation.
    • Shipping Rates Include Tax - select the box to avoid adding the calculated shipping tax to the shipping cost.
  3. To customize any of these options:

    1. Clear the Use Default box next to the option.
    2. Modify the tax code list: click x to remove the item, type in the new code value and press Enter.
    3. Select/deselect the Shipping Rates Include Tax option.
  4. Click Save.