You are browsing the documentation for version 1.6 of OroCommerce, OroCRM and OroPlatform, which is no longer maintained. Read version 5.1 (the latest LTS version) of the Oro documentation to get up-to-date information.

See our Release Process documentation for more information on the currently supported and upcoming releases.

Available in OroCommerce

Quick Order Form

Registered and unregistered customers can use a quick order form for fast purchases in the Oro storefront. By default, quick order form is enabled, while guest quick order form is disabled. You can enable the latter on three levels – globally, per organization and per website.


Please note that website settings override organization, organization settings override system settings.

To enable the quick order form globally for registered and unregistered users:

  1. Navigate to System > Configuration in the main menu.
  2. Select Commerce > Sales > Quick Order Form in the menu to the left.


For faster navigation between the configuration menu sections, use Quick Search.

  1. In the Quick Order Form section, enable or disable the quick order form:
    • By default, the guest quick order is enabled.
    • To disable it, clear the Use Default first and Enable Quick Order Form next.
  1. In the Guest Quick Order Form section, set whether guests are allowed to create a quick order form.
    • By default, the guest quick order form is disabled.
    • To enable it, clear the Use Default and select the Enable Guest Quick Order Form check box.
  2. Click Save Settings.