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Available in OroCommerce

Configure Price List per Customer

To change the price list settings for the customer:

  1. Navigate to Customers > Customer in the main menu.

  2. Click the More Options menu to the right of the necessary customer and then click the Edit icon to start editing customer details.

  3. In the Price Lists section, do the following to configure price lists that are used for price calculation when the customer users access the particular website (for example, Default):


    Switch between the websites using tabs.

    The price list section of the Company A customer
    1. Select one of the following values for the Fallback option:

      • Customer Group — OroCommerce uses Price Lists from the customer group configuration to calculate the prices shown in the storefront.

      • Current customer only — For price calculation, OroCommerce uses the configurations (per website) in the current customer group.

    2. To add a price list, click + Add Price List and select the price list in the newly added line. After you start typing the price list name, the list of suggestions appears. Press Enter or click the suggested value to add the price list.

    Adding a new price list to the pricelist section


    The price list is appended to the bottom of the list and, initially, has a lower priority than the existing price lists. Adjust the price list priority if necessary and specify whether the merge is allowed (the later is shown only for the Merge by priority price selection strategy).

    1. To control the way prices are merged into the combined price list, select or clear the Merge Allowed option for the price lists.

      When merge is allowed, the prices for the tiers and units that are missing in the higher priority price list may be covered by the prices from the lower priority price lists that support the price merge.

    2. To delete a price list from the default price lists, click the Deactivate icon at the end of the corresponding row.

    3. To change the price list priority, click and hold the Sort icon, and drag the price list up or down the list.

  4. Click Save.

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