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Available in OroCommerce

Products Grid

In this section, you will learn how to control and manage product information displayed in the grid.

In the main menu, navigate to Products > Products. The product list opens.

The following information about products is available in the product list.




The stock keeping unit that helps identify the product and track it for inventory.


The name of the product how it appears on the user interface.


Whether the product is in stock, out of stock, or discontinued.


Whether the product is enabled or disabled


The date and time when the product was created.


The date and time when the product was last updated.

PRICE (<Currency>) Multiple columns

The product pricing information per unit of quantity. There is an individual column for each currency that you have defined the price in.

Price Attributes Multiple columns

The additional price information that may be useful for determining the product pricing strategy (e.g, MSRP, MAP). There is an individual column for each price attribute and each currency.


The code that helps identify what taxes to apply to the product.

  • To control the product information displayed in the list, click Settings on the top right of the list, and in the dialog that appears, select which column to display.

  • To filter product information by value, click Filter on the top right of the list, and in the filter section that appears, select the required values.

  • To display pricing information related only to the particular price list, in the left panel, select the price list form the Price List list, or click next to it to select price list using the dialog.

  • To display/hide pricing information related to the particular currency, in the left panel, select/clear the check box next to the name of the corresponding currency.

  • To display/hide tier prices, in the left panel, select/clear the Show Tier Prices check box.

    Select the check boxes next to the required currency
  • To display products that belong to the particular category, in the left panel, navigate to the required category and click it. Use search to quickly locate the category.

  • To display/hide product from the sub-categories, in the left panel, select/clear the Include Sub-Categories check box.

    Select a product category and the Include Su-Categories check box

Core Product Management

You can perform the following actions for a specific product from the grid:

Hover over the More Options menu at the end of the required product’s row, and select whether to

  • View a product

  • Edit a product

  • Duplicate a product. The duplicated product opens. It has the Disabled status and its SKU is automatically generated by adding a hyphen and a duplicate version number to the original SKU. You can edit the duplicated product to customize its settings as required.

  • Delete a product. To delete multiple products, select the check boxes in front of the products that you need to delete, click the More Options menu, and then click Delete. To select bulk of items quickly, use All (to select all products) or All Visible (to select only products that are visible on the page now) from the list above the check boxes.

The actions a user can perform from the product's grid

Advanced Product Management


You can also view the complete reference of product-related settings in system configuration.