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Available in OroCRM

Leads List

The Leads List widget displays the list of leads that can be configured to show only leads in certain conditions, e.g. only open leads owned by the current user. The widget displays only open items that are owned by the current user, but can be configured to display any necessary data.

A sample of the Leads List widget


For how to add widgets to the dashboard and manage them, see the relevant topics:

Leads List Widget Configuration

You can adjust the following settings for the leads list widget:

  • Widget title — the name displayed on the dashboard. To change the name, clear the Use Default check box and provide a new name.

  • Business unit — select the business unit to present statistics for.

  • Role — select the user’s role (e.g. a sales manager, an administrator, a leads development rep, etc.) to see statistics for.

  • Owner — select the owner for the widget to see statistics for a certain user.

  • Excluded — select what status the widget should not display (e.g. new, qualified, unqualified).

  • Sort by — define the sorting order for the data to be displayed in the widget, and whether the data should be sorted in ascending or descending order.

Configuring the Leads List widget