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Available in OroCommerce

Manage Orders in the Back-Office


This section is a part of the Order Management topic that provides the general understanding of order-related concepts in OroCommerce.

Orders contain information about buyers’ shopping lists submitted for purchase and the collected information about billing and shipping addresses, payment methods, etc.

In Sales > Orders, you can view, edit and delete the already submitted orders and create new orders on behalf of the buyers.

While many customers will use the online store to create orders, they can also come from other avenues such as phone calls, emails, contact us requests or from other sales channels. An Oro application makes it easy to create an order for customers in the back-office. When creating or editing an order, you can create new customers or new customer users on the fly, configure shipping options, add discounts, and more.

Create Orders

You can create a new order in the following ways:

Manage Existing Orders

For existing orders, you can:

You can also attach files to an order, make notes, create events, or send emails related to the order.

Use Promotions for Orders

When running sales promotions:

Move an Order Through Its Lifecycle

You can control the order lifecycle and: