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Manage Activities in the Back-Office 

Activities are actions that employees of a company perform on a daily basis, be it fulfilling job tasks, communicating with colleagues and customers, or participating in events. In Oro, you can conveniently manage all of these activities and link them together to get a 360-degree view of all communications.

In Oro application, capabilities for managing activities are quite wide. Mainly, they cover three logical directions: workflow management, communications, and adding valuable remarks.

The types of activities available in the Oro application

You can link related records to each activity (for example, it can be a link to an email with the discussion where the activity emerged). These links are called contexts, and they make it much easier to take account of all the details connected with the activity.


Keep in mind that the ability to view and edit activities depends on specific roles and permissions defined in the system.

The Activities topic introduces you to the following types of activities:

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