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Opportunity Statistics 

The Opportunity Statistics widget displays a set of metrics that indicate the performance of the opportunity pipeline.

A sample of the Opportunity Statistics widget


For how to add widgets to the dashboard and manage them, see the relevant topics:

Opportunity Statistics Configuration 

You can adjust the following settings for the opportunity statistics widget:

  • Widget title — the name displayed on the dashboard. To change the name, clear the Use Default checkbox and provide a new name.

  • Business unit — select the business unit to present statistics for.

  • Role — select the user’s role (e.g., a sales manager, an administrator, a leads development rep, etc.) to see statistics for.

  • Owner — select the owner for the widget to see statistics for a particular user.

  • Date range — time for which the widget details are displayed.

  • Compare with previous period — tick this option if you wish to compare statistics for the current and the previous periods and see it displayed in the dashboard widget.

  • Advanced Filter — set the conditions if you wish to filter your opportunities.

  • Choose Metrics — select what data the widget will display:

    • New Opportunities count

    • New Opportunities amount

    • Won Opportunities to date

    • Won Opportunities to date amount

  • Territories — if sales territory are enabled in your system, you can view opportunities filtered within one or several specific territories.

Configuring of the Opportunity Statistics widget