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Manage Marketing Lists in the Back-Office 

With the Oro application, you can automatically generate a marketing list of contacts for marketing purposes, like mass calls or mailing. For example, you can create a list of personal and contact details of customer users who registered after October 1 and whose shipping address is in California.

With marketing lists, you can run email campaigns in the Oro application. You can also synchronize Oro application marketing lists with subscribers lists in Mailchimp and address books in Dotdigital.

You can build marketing lists based on the contacts from the following entities:

  • Accounts (via primary email of default contact)

  • Customer users

  • Quotes (via customer user email)

  • Orders (via customer user email)

  • Shopping lists

  • Business Customer

  • Lead

  • Contact

Create Marketing Lists 

To create a new marketing list:

  1. Navigate to Marketing > Marketing Lists in the main menu.

  2. Click Create Marketing List.

  3. In the General section, provide the following information:




    A name used to refer to the marketing list in the system.

    Include Previously Contacted Members

    The option is helpful when you change the filter conditions of the marketing list. The contacts that were on the list before the condition update, might not meet the new rules. So, if you enable the checkbox, the marketing list would include both new records (based on new rules) and the ones that were contacted in the past (based on previous conditions).


    Choose an entity from the dropdown. Only entities with contact details (email or phone number) are available. Records of the chosen entity and entities related to it will be used to create the list of contacts.


    Chose the list type from the dropdown:

    • Dynamic lists are updated as soon as any changes have occurred in the system.

    • On demand lists will be updated only following the user request (click to refresh the table on the view page of the marketing list record).


    Limits the list of users that can manage the marketing list to the users whose roles allow managing marketing lists of the owner (e.g., the owner, members of the same business unit, system administrator, etc.).


    Free text to help you and other users understand the purpose or peculiarities of the list in the future.


    Custom fields may be added subject to specific business needs.

    A sample of a filled marketing list
  4. In the Filters section, define the Activity and/or Data audit and/or Field Condition and/or Condition Group filters used to select the records for the list.

    See more information on how to define filters in the Filters Management topic.

    The contacts that match the filter condition are automatically subscribed to the mailing list. You can later unsubscribe a contact or remove them from the mailing list.

  5. In the Columns section, define the fields to be shown in the marketing list details on the main page for every target contact.

    View the settings under the Columns and Filters section


    Please select at least one column with contact information for the marketing activity. A list of these fields is in the Designer section.

    For every column:

    • Choose the fields from the drop-down in the Column section.

    • Modify the label if necessary. By default, the field name is used.

    • Define the sorting order if you want the grid to be sorted by the value in this column.

    • Click Add.

    You can delete, edit, or change the column position by clicking the corresponding icon.

  6. Once you finish configuring the marketing list, click Save and Close in the top right corner.

Now, you can use contacts from your marketing lists to run dedicated campaigns.

Manage Marketing Lists 

Navigate to Marketing > Marketing Lists in the main menu to be able to view the marketing list details, edit, or delete unnecessary marketing lists by clicking the corresponding icon.

The actions available for each marketing list from the grid

View Marketing List Details 

To view the Marketing List details:

  1. Navigate to Marketing > Marketing Lists in the main menu.

  2. Click on the necessary marketing list to preview its contents.

    The details page of the selected marketing list

Here, you can preview the details of the users who will be contacted via the campaigns based on this mailing list. You can also manage the marketing list as described in the sections below.

Details provide you with the following insights:

  • A quick preview of the contact data — the columns added to the marketing list (e.g., when creating a marketing list).

  • TOTAL CONTACTED — the number of times a record of this marketing list was contacted as part of different email campaigns.

  • LAST CONTACTED — the date when a record of this marketing list was last contacted as part of different email campaigns.

  • SUBSCRIBED — the subscription status of a contact. Initially, all the contacts in the list are subscribed (the column value is “Yes”). If a user unsubscribes after receiving an email as part of the email campaign, the value changes to “No”, and the user is excluded from the following campaigns.


When the same record is part of different marketing lists, its data from other marketing lists will not affect the TOTAL CONTACTED and LAST CONTACTED values on the list.

Manage Contact Subscription 

To toggle the contact’s subscription to the marketing list:

  1. Navigate to Marketing > Marketing Lists in the main menu.

  2. Click on the marketing list to preview its contents.

  3. For the necessary contact, hover over the more actions menu and modify the contact’s subscription to the marketing list by clicking or .

The person will not be contacted in the email campaigns when not subscribed.

Remove the Person From the Marketing List 

To remove the person from the marketing list:

  1. Navigate to Marketing > Marketing Lists in the main menu.

  2. Click on the marketing list to preview its contents.

  3. For the necessary contact, hover over the more actions menu and click to remove the item from the list.

Once at least one item is deleted from the marketing list, it is moved to the Removed Items section, where you can view the contact details or restore the contact.

View deleted records in the Removed Items section

Share the Marketing List 


Sharing records is available in the Enterprise edition applications.

To share the marketing list with other Oro application users:

  1. Navigate to Marketing > Marketing Lists in the main menu.

  2. Click on the marketing list to preview its contents.

  3. Click Share in the top right corner to open the Sharing Settings.

  4. Type in the user name next to the Share with text, or search for the necessary user. Next, click , find the required person, select the checkbox next to their name, and click Add.

You can preview the sharing status and see who you already shared the marketing list with. For this, click Share again.

To cancel sharing the marketing list with a particular person, click Share, and then click next to the user name. Use mass actions to cancel sharing for more than one user.

Synchronize a Marketing List with External System 

Once you integrate your Oro application with a third-party mailing system, Connect to buttons are added to the marketing list page. This way, for example, you can map the current marketing list to the lists of subscribers in Mailchimp or address books in Dotdigital.

The Connect to buttons

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