Extended Menu 

The “hamburger” icon next to the user menu contains a history of your page views, the list of your favorite pages, and the list of the most viewed pages in the Oro application.

All the page names available in the lists are clickable links to the relevant pages.

The options available under the hamburger icon


This section displays links to the 20 latest pages you have visited in reverse chronological order. This list is helpful when you want to open a page that you have recently used without searching for it.


The links to all the pages that you have marked as “favorites” are displayed in the Favorites section to make it easier to return to the same page repeatedly.

To add a page to the favorites list, click the star-shaped Mark as favorite icon in the top right corner of the page.

The icon will turn yellow, and a link to the page will appear in the Favorites menu.

A link to the page is added to favorites

To remove a page from Favorites, open the page and click the yellow star icon.

The icon will turn grey, and the page will be removed from the Favorites list.

Most Viewed 

This section displays links to the most frequently used pages. Every time you visit a page, the Oro application recalculates the statistics and updates the list.