Manage Requests for Quote in the Storefront 

To negotiate with the sales person (e.g. on a better price, more convenient quantities and additional services), you can request a quote. Both registered and guest users can create RFQs in the Oro storefront.

Registered users can view all existing Requests for Quote or create new ones in their storefront account by clicking Requests for Quote in the user menu in the top navigation bar.


RFQ Grid 

The RFQ grid shows the following data:

  1. RFQ#

  2. Status

  3. PO Number

  4. DNSLT (Do not ship later than)

  5. Create At

  6. Owner

  7. Step

  8. More Actions (View)

Within the table you have the following action buttons available:

  1. Refresh the view table: click to update the view table.

  2. Reset the view table: click to clear view table customization and return to default settings. Reset applies to all filters, records per page and sorting changes that you have made.

  3. Table settings: click to define which columns to show in the table.

  4. Filters .

RFQ View Page 

To view a specific RFQ, click View on it in the grid.


The Customer User View Page has the number of the selected RFQ in the page header (e.g. #2), as well as the following information:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Email Address

  • Phone Number

  • Company

  • Role

  • PO Number

  • Do Not Ship Later Than

  • Owner

  • Notes

  • Line Items (item name, requested quantity, target price).

You can print the selected RFQ by clicking Print RFQ on the top right of the view page.


If an RFQ was previously cancelled, you can resubmit the RFQ by clicking Resubmit on the top right of the view page.