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Configure Seller Product Approval Workflow in the Back-Office 


The workflow is only available in the Enterprise edition of the Oro application. It requires an extension, so visit Oro Extensions Store to download the Seller Product Approval workflow extension and then use the composer to install the extension to your application.

The Seller Product Approval workflow is a powerful tool that enables global administrators to manage the review and publication of products from non-global organizations. Once the workflow extension is installed, it is initially disabled.

To enable the workflow, the global administrator needs to:

  1. Navigate to System > Workflows in the main menu.

  2. Activate the Seller Product Approval workflow by clicking at the end of the row. Or click to view the workflow’s details.

Seller Product approval flow under the Workflow menu

Seller Product Approval workflow is a system workflow, which means it cannot be edited, only deactivated.

Workflow Steps and Transitions 


Products created outside the global organization are Disabled by default and have the workflow in Draft status. In this status, users can edit products and submit them for approval by the global administrator.

Newly created product is in Draft workflow status

Waiting for Approval

When a product is submitted for approval, it still has a Disabled status and a workflow status of Waiting for Approval. In this status, the global administrator, a user working within the global organization, can either approve or reject the product. Users can also add notes for the reviewer while sending the approval request. Once the request is sent, an email with a link to the product will be sent to the administrator for review. If users leave review comments, those comments will also be sent to the same email.

If a user in a regular organization needs to make any changes, they can cancel the approval request and continue editing the product.

Display how the seller product approval workflow status changes after the user sends the request to approve the product creation


If the reviewer finds the product satisfactory and approves it, the product’s status changes to Enabled, and its workflow status becomes Approved. Depending on the configuration parameter, an email notification will be sent either to the business unit that owns the product or to the user who requested the approval.

Display how the seller product approval workflow status changes after the admin approves the product creation


If the reviewer decides to reject the product, it will be marked as Disabled, and the workflow status will be updated to Rejected. The reviewer can provide notes explaining the reason for the rejection. An email, containing the rejection comments left by the reviewer, will be sent to either the product’s owning business unit or the user who submitted the product, depending on the configuration parameter.

Display how the seller product approval workflow status changes after the admin rejects the product creation

Requesting Changes

After a product has been approved, the user can request changes by sending a list of desired changes to the reviewer. An email containing the list of changes will be sent to the reviewer. Statuses remain unchanged.

Possibility for the user to request changes for the approved product

Global Organization Products 

Products created within the global organization are exempt from this workflow and have their status field Enabled for editing.

Products created under the global organization do not have the seller product approval workflow and can be edited

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