Configure Dotdigital Integration in the Back-Office 

Create API Managed User on the Dotdigital Side 

To configure integration with an Oro application on the Dotdigital side, create an API managed user:

  1. Log in to Dotdigital.

  2. Navigate to Settings > Access.

    Open the Access menu to create a new user
  3. Click the New User button.

    Your unique email address is generated in the Email Address field. You need this email address to configure Oro integration with Dotdigital.

  4. Create and confirm your Password. The Description field is optional. Mark your user Enabled and click Save to proceed.

    Creating a new user

Create Integration on the Oro Application Side 

  1. Navigate to System > Integrations > Manage Integrations in the main menu.

  2. Click Create Integration in the upper-right corner of the page.

    Creating the integration on the Oro application side
  3. Complete the following fields:




    Select Dotdigital from the list of integrations available in the dropdown.


    Enter the integration name to refer to within the system.


    Enter an API user name from your Dotdigital Manage users page.


    Enter the password you set for your API user on the Dotdigital side. Click Check connection. Connection Successful message indicates that connection to Dotdigital has been established.

    Client ID

    The Dotdigital uses OAuth 2.0 to provide single sign-on. Client ID is the ID of the OAuth 2.0 making the request. Single sign-on provides the means for a Dotdigital user to log into their account just once, removing the need to constantly re-enter credentials. To register to use OAuth you will need to be on a Dotdigital Enterprise license and to contact your Dotdigital account manager. More information on sign-on is available in the Configure Single Sign-on section of the guide.

    Client Secret key

    The pre-shared client secret, used to authenticate your application when making token request.

    Custom OAuth Domain

    Enter custom domain if it is used in Dotdigital. By default is used.

    Default Owner

    Select the owner of the integration. The selected user will be defined as the owner for all the records imported within the integration.

  4. Once all the details of the integration have been specified, click Save and Close.

    As soon as the integration is successfully configured, it will appear in the integration grid.

    In addition, dotdigital menu group will become available under Marketing in the main menu.

    The Dotdigital menu group contains the following sections:

    The dotdigital menu under the Marketing main menu

Sync Dotdigital Integration 

To sync Dotdigital integration:

  1. Navigate to System > Integrations > Manage Integrations.

  2. Select the newly created integration.

  3. Click Schedule Sync in the upper-right corner of the page.

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