Review Multiple Checkouts in the Storefront 


This section is part of the Checkout Configuration Concept Guide topic that provides a general understanding of single-page and multi-page checkout concepts.

Once the products for purchase and their quantity have been selected, both registered and guest customers have to go through a series of steps to submit the order.

In the Oro storefront, the checkout can be multi page or single page. Although the checkout steps themselves are the same, the way they are displayed is different. For the multi page checkout, each step is displayed on a new page. For the single page checkout, all steps fit one page.

Single page and multi page checkouts

For more details, review the sections outlined below:

  • Multi Page Checkout — navigates through several pages of the checkout process describing each step in details. The multi-page checkout usually requires customers to enter their shipping, billing, and payment information manually which allows them to think carefully and confirm each step before submitting the order.

  • Single Page Checkout — illustrates the simplified checkout process that requires fewer clicks and one page.

  • Guest Checkout — illustrates the options that guest customers can have to submit their order.

  • Promotions at Checkout — describes the way to use promotions and coupons at checkout.


If the content of the shopping list has changed, the attempt to resume checkout from the shopping list view page will restart the checkout process. The data provided previously (e.g., new addresses in address form and other form field) are preserved.