Export Product Information

Export option helps export the product information and price attribute data from the product list in the .csv file.

Exporting products, filtered products, related products, price attribute data

Example of a product bulk export template

sku attributeFamily.code status type inventory_status.id primaryUnitPrecision.unit.code primaryUnitPrecision.precision primaryUnitPrecision.conversionRate primaryUnitPrecision.sell additionalUnitPrecisions:0:unit:code additionalUnitPrecisions:0:precision additionalUnitPrecisions:0:conversionRate additionalUnitPrecisions:0:sell names.default.value shortDescriptions.default.value descriptions.default.value featured metaDescriptions.default.value slugPrototypes.default.value category.default.title Kit Items
sku_001 default_family enabled simple in_stock item 3 1 1 item 0 5 1 Product Name Product Short Description system 1 defaultMetaDescription lumen-item Category Name  
2EW02 default_family enabled kit in_stock set 3 1 1 set 0 5 1 Product Name Product Short Description system 1 defaultMetaDescription touchscreen-pos-system Category Name id=1,label=“Base Unit”,optional=false,products=5TJ23|2RW93|1TB10,min_qty=1,max_qty=1,unit=set id=2,label=“Barcode Scanner”,optional=false,products=6VC22|4PJ19|7TY55,min_qty=1,max_qty=1,unit=item id=3,label=“Receipt Printer(s)”,optional=true,products=8DO33,min_qty=1,max_qty=,unit=item id=4,label=“Additional Card Reader(s)”,optional=true,products=1AB92|2LM04|2WE71,min_qty=1,max_qty=,unit=item

Example of a filtered products export template

attributeFamily.code sku status type primaryUnitPrecision.unit.code inventory_status.id primaryUnitPrecision.precision primaryUnitPrecision.conversionRate primaryUnitPrecision.sell names.default.value names.English.fallback shortDescriptions.English.fallback descriptions.English.fallback featured newArrival backOrder.value category.id decrementQuantity.value highlightLowInventory.value inventoryThreshold.value lowInventoryThreshold.value manageInventory.value maximumQuantityToOrder.value metaDescriptions.English.fallback metaKeywords.English.fallback metaTitles.English.fallback minimumQuantityToOrder.value isUpcoming.value slugPrototypes.default.value slugPrototypes.English.fallback category.default.title
default_family M01 enabled simple item in_stock 0 1 1 Decorative Pine Moulding (L)2.4m (W)32mm (T)12mm Decorative Pine Moulding (L)2.4m (W)32mm (T)12mm system system system 0 0 category 1 category category category category category category system system system category category decorative-pine-moulding-l24m-w32mm-t12mm-decorative-pine-moulding-l24m-w32mm-t12mm system All Products

Example of a related products export template

SKU Related SKUs
PPR1 iT02,M01

Example of a product price attribute data export template

Product SKU Price Attribute Unit Code Currency Price
sku_001 MSRP/MAP item USD 20

To export the product information or price attribute data in a .csv format:

  1. In the main menu, navigate to Products > Products.
  2. Click Export Products, Export Filtered Products, Export Related Products, or Export Price Attribute Data on the top right.


Keep in mind that after clicking Export, you may receive the following warning message which notifies you about the limits for the number of columns that can be exported. Such warning can be displayed on the listing page of any exportable entity.

It appears that the number of fields stored as columns in the X table (the fields that are relations or that have ever been marked as “A”, “B”, “C”) has approached the limit after which it may no longer be possible to export Y with the standard X export.

Once 90% of the limit is reached, you will receive a flash message with the related warning.

Reaching 100% of the limit triggers a warning message on a potential inactive export when clicking the Export button.

  1. Once the export is complete, you will receive an email to download the .csv file.