Configure Global Opportunity Settings 


Read more on this topic in Sales: Opportunities.

To enable opportunities in your Oro application:

  1. Navigate to System > Configuration in the main menu.

  2. Click CRM > Sales Pipeline > Opportunity in the panel to the left.

    Here, you can define a number of opportunity-related options to be applied to the Oro application instance.

  3. In the General Setup section, you can enable opportunities by ticking Enable Opportunity. When enabled, Opportunities will appear under Sales in the main menu.

  4. In the Probabilities section, you can:

    • Manage opportunity statuses and assign default probabilities to them, except for system statuses Closed Won and Closed Lost.

    • Add a new opportunity status by clicking +Add.

  5. In the Display Settings, you can define whether the list of other opportunities related to the same account at the opportunity view should be displayed.

  6. Click Save Settings.